A welcome message from Dr Anne Bull OBE, Executive Headteacher and National Leader in Education:

‘At WASPS we love going outside to learn.’

— Class 1SM

Welcome. I am the Executive Headteacher of Weston All Saints C of E Primary School (fondly known as WASPS).

Our school is a beautiful location in its own right; the purpose-built school buildings and perfectly landscaped learning and play areas complement the natural hill and vale, in which the school is nestled. There is no better place to work and play – perhaps that is one of the reasons I have devoted the last 30 or so years to realising the potential of WASPS, as a place of development for every little Wasp who passes through. The site is split into two key learning zones – a wonderful, purpose-built early-years centre – which we call “Little WASPS” and the rest of the school, including the swimming pool.

Our pupils have access to many different play zones, a variety of gardening opportunities, an outdoor stage, a story circle, grassy ‘hillforts’ and even their own ‘hobbit house’. These were particularly requested by the pupils during the landscaping phase. In addition to this, pupils enjoy a mini lake with an enchanted island, again at their request. “We just have a lovely school!” Olive (Year 1).

At WASPS the emphasis is on high academic and creative standards which in turn produce highly motivated, self-confident and happy children. We are consistently one of the highest attaining schools in the Local Authority. Our pupils’ progress is a very high priority with enormous resources put in place to ensure pupils are extremely well supported, to enable them to reach their full potential and aspire to greatness in later life. As Dylan from Year 2 says, “I love WASPS because we do work which challenges our brain and helps us get ready…”

My firm belief is that every child is creative in some way or another, and as primary school teachers we have a delightful role in nurturing that creativity by offering as many opportunities as possible for our children to explore and be curious. “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.” – Albert Einstein. At WASPS we do this through our wide-ranging and deeply engaging curriculum, as well as the huge variety of activities on offer beyond the curriculum and through after school clubs.

Central to almost everything we do are the expressive and creative arts. Teachers and tutors selected to work at WASPS are of the highest calibre, in terms of their teaching ability, but we also have the expectation that they will bring a particular expertise to further enhance our team.

We hope you gather an insight into life at WASPS from our website, but to get a sense of the ‘buzz’, why not come and see us in action – we look forward to welcoming you! Ultimately, Bebe and Kaizen from Year 5 seem to sum things up; “I think if you should go to any school it should be WASPS.” –  Kaizen. “WASPS is so amazing, I never want to leave.” – Bebe.