Parents’ Area: Clubs

‘WASPS: Lessons are so fun it’ll make you want to learn. Expressive, creative and always willing to work. Express yourself through art. Imaginative, creative, committed WASPS! Buzzing about all day!’

— Class 6L

Click here to download a PDF file of this term’s clubs

A number of clubs run throughout the week during term time. The staff (and parent helpers) offer these voluntarily. Previous clubs have included:

Performing & Expressive Arts


Art and Craft
Environmental Club
Rock Band




We also offer private tuition in French. Further details of the times and prices of this club are available from the School Office.

A letter is sent out at the beginning of each term giving information about clubs for the term. Please discuss with your child which club he/she would like to join then return the reply slip to the teacher in charge of the club. Ensure that your child knows the time and venue of the club that they have joined as this avoids confusion and upset. If the club is taking place after school, please make arrangements for going home when the club finishes. If the club demands practice at home of some sort please encourage your child to do so.

Clubs are a commitment on the part of both the staff and the children. Please ensure that wherever possible your child attends and completes the half term. If for any reason your child is unable to attend please inform the teacher responsible. If you are able to help with the running of a club in any way please offer your services. We are always on the lookout for new ideas!

Sometimes staff have other commitments on club nights, e.g. in-service training. In that case prior notice would be given as soon as possible. In the event of bad weather for the outdoor clubs, outdoor clubs will continue but take place indoors. If there is a breakdown in communication please ensure that your child knows that there will always be a teacher available to help with these problems and on no account must a child decide for him/herself to go home or wait outside the school gates alone.