‘WASPS is special because everyone is talented and kind. I think all of the teachers are superb.’

— Class 2B


Weston All Saints Primary School pupil has raised over £2000 for the homelessness charity, Julian House.

Many WASPS pupils braved the cold to take part in The Big Bath Sleep-Out on 8th March, but one very cool individual, Will in Year 6, has taken his quest for sponsorship to another level and raised an impressive £2045!

He was presented with a special certificate by Jessica Gay, from Julian House’s Community and Fundraising team, at a whole school assembly where, Executive Headteacher, Dr Anne Bull said,

“We are very proud of all the pupils who took part, but especially of the extra effort that Will put in to raise such a large amount of money.”

Jessica Gay, told the assembly,

“This, and all the sponsorship raised, will mean that Julian House can continue to support vulnerable men and women who are forced to sleep out every night.”

Santa’s Post Office!

In recent years a group of parent volunteers has aimed to make the grotto one of the best in the area with incredible attention to detail and a sense of adventure. As you can see from the photographs, this year the Log Cabin was transformed into Santa’s Post Office at the North Pole where the elves have been busy reading the letters that are sent to Santa by children from all over the world. A huge thank you to Lucy and her fellow helpers for another delightful and unique Father Christmas experience for our children.

Christmas Art Work by Years 5 and 6: The three pieces of art and how they were made

At the start of making Mary, I had to rough sketch it first. After that, Ms Bullock gave me a huge frame to redraw my sketch onto. At first it was tricky because before I came to draw Mary, Ms Bullock had painted on a background, but I managed!

I really enjoyed making Mary. It was fun and exciting watching how all the art came together.
There were also two other pieces of art. One was an Angel which was made by Rosie and Otis who are in class 6M. The other artwork was of Joseph who was made by Jackson and Israel. I think all three of these art displays will be loved by everyone.

By Natalie in Year 6

Youth Speaks Report – 21st November 2018

Bathavon Rotary Club held a Youth Speaks Competition at St. John’s Catholic Primary School on Wednesday 21st November 2018.

Three schools took part:

St. John’s Catholic Primary School (2 teams)
St. Michael’s C.E. Junior School (2 teams)
Weston All Saints Primary School (3 teams)

Each of the 7 teams involved had to give a formal presentation about any aspect of the environment or community participation the team cares about. It had to last about 10 minutes altogether and included an introduction from the Chairperson, a talk by the Speaker and a Vote of Thanks at the end.

The three WASPS teams were:

Team 1:
Chairperson: Samuel (6W)
Speaker: Daniel L(6W)
Vote of Thanks: Daniel R(6W)
Title of Talk: The problem with plastic

Team 2:
Chairperson: Erin (6W)
Speaker: Rhiannon (6B)
Vote of Thanks: Oli (6M)
Title of Talk: The issue of homelessness

Team 3:
Chairperson: Jule (6B)
Speaker: Lydia (6B)
Vote of Thanks: Olive (6B)
Title of Talk: The struggle for gender equality

All three teams did very well!

Daniel L in Team 1 received a Special Commendation for the way he tried in his speech to get everyone involved in the fight against plastics pollution.

Oli in Team 2 received a Special Commendation for his excellent role in proposing a vote of thanks for his team.

Team 1 finished in third place and received a £10 gift voucher for their team.

Team 3 won the competition and Jule, Lydia and Olive are to be congratulated for their excellent performance! They also received a £10 gift voucher for their team and a cup, which will be engraved to show that WASPS provided the winning team in the Bathavon Rotary Club 2018 Youth Speaks Competition.

However, that is not quite the end of it! Jule, Lydia and Olive will now be invited to give their presentation on ‘The struggle for gender equality’ at one of Bathavon Rotary Club’s meeting on a Thursday evening.

In the meantime, congratulations to everyone who took part and represented WASPS so very well. We are very proud of everyone who took part!

Blowout Sax session at WASPS and AAA

WASPS and AAA pupils had a great start to term with a special visit from two amazing musicians on 4th June. Mark and Oscar Archer, who run the “Blowout Sax” school in Bath, took an assembly for the schools, teaching us all about the saxophone and performing some jazz and pop songs on this amazing instrument. We enjoyed “bopping” along to the tunes and some pupils and teachers even had a go! Here are some quotes from WASPS and AAA pupils about the assembly.

“I liked it because they played very good songs, and it was easy to learn”

“It was cool because it was so loud!”

“The song ‘You’re Welcome’ from Moana really reminded me of the words.”

“I like the way they learn to move their fingers so quickly.”

“It was cool, I liked blow out sax in the assembly.”

“The sound was groovy and made me want to dance.”

Arts Award scheme.

Amelie and Poppy, both in Year 5, have successfully secured Explore Level in the Arts Council’s Arts Award scheme. This is a first for our school and we are deeply proud and full of admiration of the additional work that these girls (and their families) have undertaken in researching artists and arts organisations both locally and nationally, preparing portfolios of their own involvement in the arts and sharing their work with others. This is a significant achievement that reflects the effort that they’ve put in and will pave the way for them to undertake Bronze, Silver and even Gold award (which is equivalent to an A-level) later in their school career.

If you’d like more information about the Arts Award please speak to Mr Williams.

Into Film Festival

Fifteen children in years 5 & 6 of WASPS and AAA, all of whom particularly love writing, went to the cinema as part of the nationwide Into Film Festival to see ‘Goodbye, Christopher Robin’. They have since written some amazing film reviews. Here are some extracts:

“Winnie the Pooh – one of the most loved of all children’s tales. ‘Good Bye Christopher Robin’ is an emotional mix of fact and fiction that dives into the relationships of an ordinary family that become extraordinarily famous.” Lucy G

“After suffering from writer’s block and being petrified of the war, Milne decides to move to the country side; where everything is much safer and quieter. As he couldn’t write, he grew a great bond with his son. They would play in the “hundred acre wood” and have adventures (even though it was actually a five hundred acre wood!) Also the beloved game “Pooh Sticks” was created by Christopher Robin himself, when he would play it with his Nanny (a.k.a “Nou” as he would call her!) She was played by Kelly Macdonald and the young Christopher Robin was played by Will Tilston.” Ellie H

 “Alexander Milne (A. A. Milne for short) wrote the charming series about the adorable, little bear Winnie the Pooh. Christopher Robin was also featured in this series, based on A. A. Milne’s son, Billy Moon; who was called Christopher Robin, but preferred being called Billy. The name came about in his early childhood. In Goodbye Christopher Robin, more unfolds about Winnie the Pooh’s author, and the relationship between him and his son, one of the protagonists of this popular series.” Ella B

“The story comes to a big, tragic event which brings a lump to your throat whilst watching it. I strongly recommend this powerful, emotional and amusing film with amazing scenes. You could watch this film over and over again.” Ben C

 “This film may have had some mild violence (only a small bit) but it also had some great humour and adventure. I’d definitely recommend this film if you like adventure and very funny jokes. Because of the small amount of mild violence that is in this movie, I’d highly recommend it to those aged 9 or over.” Erin M

Literature Week

Pupils enjoyed a really good Literature Week last week. This coincides with World Book Day, and whilst we keep the dressing up and visits from authors for our own Book Week in October, all year groups study a specially selected ‘classic’ book – many of which are sadly overlooked nowadays!

Year 6 studied ‘The Silver Sword’ by Ian Serraillier – which according to Tommy in 6W was… “A really engaging story of children caught up in the events of the Second World War. It was particularly gripping, not only because it was set around an incredibly emotional and interesting backdrop which links to our topic, but also because it was a story of survival against all odds and how children manage to find comfort for themselves in the littlest of things when they have to. The age group for which I would recommend it, would be my age or older – adults would become engrossed in it too.” As well as being part of their topic, pupils will be writing book reviews which will be submitted to literary magazines.

Year 5 studied ‘Swallows and Amazons’ by Arthur Ransome. Israel, in class 5L described the book as… “Extremely interesting because there was lots of exciting things happening, such as robberies of pirates, wars between different tribes and various mysteries. I would recommend the book for 7-10 years old because that age group would most love the pirates!” Pupils have written newspaper reports about the robbery, and are planning their own boat racing regatta at the stream next to the school.

‘The Borrowers’ by Mary Norton was the chosen text in Year 4. Monty in 4WD said, “This is a great book about little people who live under the floorboards in the kitchen. You need to have a lot of creativity and imagination because there are no pictures and you really have to think about what the little people would use. Although it was written in the 1950s, it seems like quite a modern book because it is always action packed and, although it was a tricky at first, it is easily accessible after a while. I would recommend this book for people aged from 7 to 107 – because it’s suitable for everyone!”  Monty and several Year 4 pupils also went to the Egg Theatre to see a fortuitously timed production of The Borrowers which was apparently “even more humorous than the book because they had modernised it a bit.” In class, pupils are making their own Borrowers’ room in a shoebox using household and classroom items such as bottle tops, paper clips and pencils and have written a manual for escaping bad situations for any Borrowers who happen to be at WASPS.

Meanwhile, Year 3 studied ‘The Story of Doctor Doolittle” by Hugh Lofting. Written in 1920, it is still as fresh, funny and invigorating for young minds as if it were written today. Amber said “It was so funny because there were lots of jokes in it, for example there was a sentence in the book which described Dr Doolittle as ‘very short and quite snappy!'” Lucy, 3T, recommended the book for “Year3, 4 or 5 because some smaller kids might not know some of the words”  Pupils have therefore been writing and illustrating their own picture book versions specifically for younger children.

George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl was the choice in year 2. This ‘modern classic’ about deviously concocted, Grandma-destroying potions was loved by all the children who have also written their own potion recipes to make grandma either nicer, kinder, smaller – or even explode. Grandmothers everywhere beware! Alice in 2B said ” I really liked the bit when George put the medicine in Grandma’s mouth and she exploded! I think this book is universal. I would give it 5 out of 5 and recommend  it to anyone” 

Year 1’s read a selection of Beatrix Potter’s well-loved stories. The Tale of Jeremy Fisher went down particularly well with Class 1SS with Loranya saying “I really liked the bit when he nearly got eaten by a fish!” The children also studied Potter’s exquisite watercolour illustrations and have recreated their own. They have also made up their own Beatrix Potter style characters and stories, as well as watched the famous ballet that was adapted from the stories by Anthony Dowe.

Reception class read ‘Rosy’s Walk’ by Pat Hutchins and have written their own book review and completed some sequencing and recount work all about the story. Zachary in 0T said “It was really funny when the fox bumped his nose.”

On top of all the work in class, we also hosted the Travelling Books Book Fair which was magnificently manned by Year 6 pupils and raised £1163.79 (AAA – £201.03; WASPS – £962.76) which equates to £638.27 commission for the school to spend on books. Thank you!

‘Open The Book’

Today’s Open The Book assembly told the story of ‘The Walls Fall Down’ from Joshua 6. The actors brought the story to life and taught all about how we should never give up and always trust in God.

Science Week

Middle WASPS kicked of Science Week with an inspiring assembly led by Miss Gray and Mrs Book. We learnt how to make a lava lamp and how to use a vortex to empty a bottle quickly. All using science! We will be doing lots more experiments throughout the week and cannot wait to learn more about science!

British National Modern Biathlon Championships

On Saturday 25th November, I took part in the British National Modern Biathlon Championships at the Tudor Grange Sports Centre in Solihull.
There were hundreds of children from all over the country competing.
I could see from the running heats before mine, that there were so many really good runners and that I had stiff competition! It was so cold but I pushed myself as hard as I could in my 800m run and managed to win my heat and did a 2second personal best time. After the run I was in 15th position so I knew I’d have to swim my fastest time.

I managed to swim the fastest 50m freestyle I’ve ever swam, which was a 2 second PB and ended up coming 13th out of all the Under 11 girls in Britain. I was really pleased with the result, especially as it was only the second time I’d ever done a biathlon! I’d really recommend taking part in the Biathlon qualifier next year if you get a chance.


‘Open The Book’

Today our ‘Open The Book’ assembly continued with the second part of the story of Joseph. The adult and child actors did a great job of bringing the story and messages to life! God was with Joseph as he interpreted dreams and made his way up in the world. We also learnt how it is important to forgive, just like Joseph did with his brothers. The Bible stories will continue in our next ‘Open The Book’ assembly. We can’t wait!

Avon Schools Orienteering League Durdham Down

WASPS and AAA joined forces to compete in the third race of the orienteering league on Saturday 7th October. They travelled in the minibus to Durham Down, Bristol and ran in pairs along the 1.3km course. Terrain was runnable grassland with a complex network of thickets and woods with many minor paths. All 11 pupils completed the race on their debut and enjoyed the navigational challenge. Results can be found
The next race takes place at Blaise Castle on Saturday 11th November.

Osiligi Masai Warriors

We were very lucky to have a visit and performance from the Osiligi Masai Warriors, who had travelled all the way from Kenya! They sang fantastically, danced wonderfully and shared lots of information about their culture with us. It was a brilliant experience!

Cross Country

Last Wednesday (4th October), Mrs Glanville and Mr Taylor took a group of children from year 5 and 6 to a Cross Country event at Odd Down Sports Ground. 14 aspiring young athletes completed a mile long course along with 30 other schools from across BANES. Everyone did brilliantly and completed the course. A special mention to Ella and Abi who came first and third in their races.


10 children signed up to take part in their first ever Biathlon race at the University of Bath Campus last Friday (6th October). Mrs Glanville and Mr Reed took the enthused children to swim 50m in the Olympic sized pool and race 800m on the, high class, running track. With lots of schools competing from across the South West and a few A-class athletes cheering on the children, everyone had a tremendous day. Abi, from Year 6, finished on the podium winning a silver medal for the Under 11 age category. A huge well done to her for such an achievement and to everyone else for taking part.

Open The Book

On Tuesday 12th September, members of Weston All Saints Church began their series of “Open The Book” by dazzling us with a performance telling the story of creation from the Bible. They used great props and design to bring the story to life. We’re all looking forward to their next visit!

Children’s Art Competition – Royal Bath and West Show 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to the following pupils for their winning Safety Poster Competition entries in this year’s Royal Bath and West Show. There were over 600 entries from schools across the region so the pupils can be really proud of their achievements:

Overall Winner – Talia, 6L

Class 1 (aged 7 years and under) : 1st prize – Evelyn, 3W. 2nd prize – Charlotte, 2B. 3rd prize – Anya, 1S/S

Highly Commended : Lincoln, 1S/S & Timothy, 1Sk

Class 2 (aged 8 & 9 years) : 2nd prize – Rosie, 4W/D

Highly Commended : Natalie 4W/D & Morgan, 4H

Class 3 (aged 10 and 11 years) : 1st prize – Talia, 6L. 2nd prize – Annie, 6L.

Highly Commended : Emily, 6L & Neve 5R

Today’s assembly took an unexpected turn of events! We were learning about the Pentecost and how the message of Jesus changed people as it spread. Mr Peryer, who was leading the assembly, left the hall half way through and returned as a changed man; he was Superman! What a fun way to learn about the birth of the church!

Great Feedback from Parents!

Dear Dr Bull,

I would like to thank you and the rest of the staff for all your hard work with the Year 6 SATs this week. My daughter woke up this morning knowing she had two SATs papers in her least favourite subjects, she was feeling a little nervous and yet she said to me how much she is enjoying this week. “I wish every week could be SATs week” she told me.
The extra playtime and snacks and music when they go into the hall before the exams and the rosemary are all such and lovely thoughtful touches that are really are making this week special for the children and I would like to thank you all for making the SATs week a positive experience.

Kind regards

Dear Dr Bull.,

Many thanks for your reply, I do of course understand, and I realise that … will be lucky to have any of the dedicated members of staff that teach at WASPS.

I don’t think that I have ever said this in person, but I always mean to, so here it is … thank you for leading such a creative, engaging and inspiring school. … (0B, 1P, 2C, 3G) has grown enormously in terms of her formal learning but also in her creative mindset, compassion for others and confidence outside of the school gates, and this is down to you, your teachers and all of the staff at WASPS.

Thank you

Weston All Saints Primary School [Sourced from The Spectator Magazine]

The jewel in the crown of this Bath primary school is undoubtedly its headmistress, Dr Anne Bull. She has been at the school for over twenty years, and has won plaudit after plaudit for her work, including an OBE for services to education, and 2012 Headteacher of the Year at the Pearson Teaching Awards. As a Church of England primary school, Christian values are very important, and each class has a specific Christian ‘value’ to consider – from perseverance to compassion.

After school activities are plentiful – and encouraged – while year 6 pupils take part in an annual residential trip to France (French is taught from year 3 upwards). As well as visiting the war graves and Mont. St. Michel, sailing and open-air swimming are on the cards; and of course, all conversations with locals must be in French!

More recently, the school has set up a new Academy Trust, which has been granted approval for a new primary school academy, which is due to open later this year.

Multi-Cultural Week/Commonwealth Week Links with WASPS – 20th to 24th March 2017

On Monday, 20th March 2017 WASPS is celebrating its very own Multi-Cultural Week. This week is dedicated to learning about and celebrating diversity in the UK. Each class will focus on a country. This will include some countries from the British Commonwealth. The children will be learning about the culture and history of that country and its relevance to the UK. All the classes will be showing one another what they have been learning through the means of a display! Next week, please ask your children what they have been learning.

Chinese Exchange Visit

Last week, six Chinese teachers came to WASPS as part of an exchange program. They spent time in different classes and taught both Mandarin lessons and calligraphy lessons.
It was a great experience for everyone!

Little WASPS Choir Sing at the Pump Rooms


Over the last month or so children in Years 4, 5 and 6 have been working on large and small book cover designs for the School Library. The large boards were painted with acrylic paint and feature children’s classic books such as “Elmer”, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “The Twits”.
Further book characters have been painted on the Library walls, making it a relaxing colourful space for all the children in the school, where books can be enjoyed, shared and borrowed.
Do pop in and have a look.

Football Tournament

Throughout the afternoon of 07/11/16 WASPS took part in the BANES 7-a-side football tournament at Odd Down.
20 teams were divided into 4 groups with the top two teams progressing to the quarter finals.
WASPS played 4 fixtures in the group stages winning 3 games : 2-0, 2-1 and 6-0. The boys played superbly; utilizing the wonderful surface to play crisp, quick passes. Joe B, Luis, Isaac K and Harry H were amongst the scorers with Jack L, Freddie G and Amin solid and composed in defence. All of the wide players showed an eye for the early ball with Isaac R and Tadgh M running hard delivering accurate balls into the box.
Having won their group WASPS faced Oldfield Park A in the quarter finals. Oldfield Park ran out comfortable winners playing at a higher tempo and with greater strength.
WASPS should be very proud of their afternoon’s work and reassured that 7 of the team will be available for selection next year.

Gospel choir Harvest Sing Song at Woodland Grove

On the afternoon of Tuesday 1st November, 34 members of WASPS Gospel Choir, along with Miss Gray and other staff, headed to Woodland Grove Care Home to entertain the residents. The children sang a selection of songs about Harvest, Autumn, as well as some upbeat classic songs. The residents really enjoyed listening to the energetic, enthusiastic singing and joined in with a few themselves. Following the singing, the children spent time of chatting with the residents over juice. They enjoyed it so much that the Gospel Choir have been invited back for Christmas.

Forest School

8 of our children were lucky enough to attend a Forest School Course last term lasting for 6 weeks. They learnt skills such as archery, woodwork, den building, canoeing, fire lighting and team work. Each week they built up their skills culminating in a Treasure hunt. Each week the children made and cooked different food including the most amazing pizza cooked in a Dutch Oven.

Year 4 Football Tournament

On Monday 16th May, ten boys from Year 4 attended a football tournament at Odd Down Playing Fields. Seven schools participated and WASPS won four out of six games! William, Freddie G, Reuben, Amin (4M), Jack, Luis, Harley (4WD), Tadgh, Isaac and Theo (4H) all represented their school magnificently! They had a great time and played with enthusiasm, supporting one another throughout the games.
Well done boys!

Jubilee International School, Guinea

Following our recent request on 20th April by the WASPS Eco Council to support a local Weston man, Mr Ring, in his quest to collect resources for the Jubilee International School in Guinea, we have now received the following photo from Mr Ring of our donations being loaded into the container.

Gospel Choir

On Friday the 18th of March WASPS gospel choir sang at Weston All Saints Church. It was amazing and WASPS Gospel choir, Bath Gospel Choir and PSG choir sang ‘This Little light of mine’ together. There was a lot of applause and success. I felt really happy.
Diego 4H

On Friday the 18th March 2016, the WASPS gospel choir, Rock Band, BCGC and PSG were singing in Weston All Saints Church. I enjoyed it and I think everyone enjoyed it as well. It was fun but very tiring! (I was very sleepy in the end).
Israel 3G

Running Man Visits WASPS

Jim Cole the famous runner who is, later this year, attempting a recreation of Forest Gump’s fictional run across America and back, visited Weston All Saints Primary School (W.A.S.P.S.) and took all the children on a one mile run.
Jim began his day at W.A.S.P.S. with an inspirational talk. Describing how his journey began, how his Asperger Syndrome has not prevented him from accomplishing his goals and the magnificent sights he has seen on his runs with his dog. The children had created race numbers for him, which Jim will personally sign and return, as a memory of the day.
Since January 1st 2013, Jim has run at least 10K (6.21 miles), every day (more than 3 years), no day missed! He completed triathlon distances every day for 2015 (750m swim, 20K cycle, 10K run)…365 days, with no activity or day missed!
Jim has undertaken these physical challenges to raise awareness for sedentary lifestyles and child obesity. Furthermore, Jim’s next adventure is to complete the original fictional Forest Gump run, which consists of 20,000miles on the 1st October 2016.
Commenting, Dr Anne Bull, Headteacher said, “Everyone was so excited about his visit and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Jim has embarked on an incredibly challenging journey for a great cause. We wish him the best of luck on his expedition.”
Overheard by a five year old child, “This is so much fun! Let’s do this every day!”

Click on the image to see us in action!

Fair Trade Conference

On Tuesday, 8th March, the Eco Council, Erin, Rosie, Ella and Ralph (6S) attended a Fair Trade Conference in Wells Cathedral. It involved a number of schools which were divided into three groups to rotate between workshops.

The first workshop discussed the need for Fair Trade and children worked collaboratively brainstorming how they could promote Fair Trade.

The second workshop involved discussing what they had for breakfast! They realised that the food they had in one morning, was dependent on the produce from half the world’s farmers. Following this they looked at farmers’ lifestyles and how they survived. They completed an activity where they had to decide how best to spend a sum of money in a village, prioritising the amenities. They had to present their ideas and justify their reasoning to the rest of the groups.

Finally the third workshop included a pack of resources. Each table had a pack with similar items although some packets were missing items, while others had double. The children had to barter and exchange resources or money to gain all the items they needed to complete the task. This workshop really required them to think about how we could best use their resources. It enabled them to see how countries must make wise decisions to enable them to make a profit and for people to live without poverty.

The children learnt a lot from these workshops and Erin would even say ‘it’s fair to be fair about Fair Trade’.

Mini Science Week

The week beginning the 8th February was Mini Science week when teachers shared a science experiment with their class each day. Activities ranged from making electromagnets in Year 6 to finding out about the power of friction, when Year 4 found it impossible to pull two dictionaries (whose pages were interlocked) apart. Children in Reception were delighted by a visit from Professor Plum who shared an air powered rocket and what happens to an egg when you put it in salt water.James from 4WD summed up his week: “It was a brilliant week and I loved finding out what would happen every day. There were so many experiments; my favourite one was the chemical reaction.”

Gleeson Judo

On 7th February Gleeson Judo had their first special Elite Invitation only session, held at the University of Bath, Team Bath’s impressive judo ‘dojo’, one of the foremost centres for judo in the UK. Gleeson Judo took around 20 of their students with them, including Sam V & Rupert G from WASPS.
The day was made extra special as Tom Reed the UK No.1 and silver medallist at the Commonwealth Games was on the mat helping with the coaching. It was a tough session but everyone seemed to enjoy it and there was a positive feeling that more future events would be welcomed.


On Wednesday 3rd February WASPS’ netball team travelled to Moorlands Federation to play in the BANES High 5 Netball league. The team, captained by Leyla, played superbly and managed to hold onto their half time lead. The final score was 9 – 8 to WASPS. They now play St Marys in the quarter finals next term.

Competition Winner!!

Just before Christmas, some Year Four classes took part in a ‘Language Book Competition’, which involved many schools across the country.

It consisted of the children hearing the beginning of a story with some French words and then creating their own ending whilst introducing new French vocabulary.

We are very pleased to announce that ‘Lucy G’ 4M was one of the winners! Congratulations to her and all who took part.

Gospel Choir

On the afternoon of Monday 14th December, the WASPS gospel choir headed to the Abbey as part of the Bath Rotary Christmas Collection. The Year 3 and 4 pupils, along with Miss Gray set up in the colonnades to sing a selection of jazzy Christmas carols. Large crowds of passers-by stopped and listened to the singing, as the choir raised a substantial amount of money for Age Concern UK. Many thanks to the parents who came along to support and the children who put on a brilliant energising performance!

Making Cheesy Bread Sticks with Richard Bertinet

WASPS pupils have been delighted to have had a cookery lesson with none other than nationally renowned, artisan breadmaker, Richard Bertinet!

This fantastic experience was a result of WASPS winning first prize in the Healthy Eating Scarecrow competition which was organised by The Great Bath Feast 2015.

The children learnt how to make cheesy bread sticks which they then enjoyed eating with their lunch!

The following are some photos of Year 4 enjoying the experience.

Bristol Old Vic Theatre Company Perform their Nativity

WOW! We have just had the huge pleasure of watching Bristol Old Vic Theatre Company perform their nativity play for us – and it was fantastic! It was so inspiring and will help us all in our own Christmas performances next week.

Anna, Year 5 said:
“It was an extraordinary play and I think it couldn’t have been better – especially the way that they used two walking sticks as legs for the donkey and the camel.”

Isaac, also in Year 5, said:
“An exceedingly terrific performance played from their heart.”

Bradley, Year 4, said:
“My favourite character was the sheepdog – especially when he did a backflip!”

Eleanor, also in Year 4 said:
“I loved this play of the Christmas story because they used amazing accents, but the actors and actresses could also sing brilliantly.

“I am speechless!” said Amelia, “They put so much effort into their performances which were incredible. I loved it!”

Road Safety

Children in Little Wasps now feel even safer, equipped with high-visibility hats and road safety knowledge.


On Wednesday, 7th October, Harley (4W/D), Amy (4W/D), Lucy (4M) and Finn (4H) represented WASPS in the King Edward’s School Maths Challenge. Ten schools in Bath attended the challenge which involved patterns, mental maths, shapes and problem solving. The children learnt to work as part of a team, drawing on each other’s mathematical strong points. Throughout the competition they became more technical, one child went to check their answers with the ‘score master’ while the other began solving the next question. Congratulations to all of them, especially Harley and Lucy who came first in the mental maths category. Quotes from the children : “I enjoyed it very much, it was great fun”. “It was a lot of fun. I liked competing against other schools”. “It was a great experience. I really enjoyed it”. “It was so much fun. We worked really well together”.