Year Groups: Reception

‘WASPS is special because everyone is talented and kind. I think all of the teachers are superb.’

— Class 2B


Easter Bonnet Parade

Easter 2019

People Who Help Us

As part of their topic People Who Help Us, the reception children welcomed fire fighters, police officers and a midwife to Little WASPS.

They thoroughly enjoyed learning about keeping safe, exploring the inside of a police van and hearing about the work of a midwife.

Erin 0D:“I like the sirens.”

Edward 0D: “I loved the blue lights.”

Obie 0S: “That was amazing! I loved going in the fire engine!”

Isabella 0S: “I had a look in the camera that lets you see if things are hot!”

Toby 0B: “I like the hoses because they squirt water.”

Ava 0B: “I liked going in the cage.”

Chinese New Year

The reception children enjoyed hearing about the customs for Chinese New Year.Two mums popped into school to talk about the importance of the colour red to scare away the monster Nian, the purpose of the red envelope that children put under their pillows on Chinese New Year Eve, the type of food eaten and the story of the animals in the zodiac.

The children were tasked with finding out their zodiac animal.

Nativity 2019

Book Week

The reception children had a super time during book week. We looked at a different story each day and completed independent and adult led activities inspired by each book. We read ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, ‘The Rainbow Fish’, ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘Room on the Broom’ and ‘Flanimals’. The children enjoyed making crowns, writing book reviews, going on adventures on Muddy Monday and collaborating to make a big communal display for the hall.
The children enjoyed a workshop led by two professional illustrators. They displayed their artwork, discussed the process of creating illustrations for books and then helped the children to create their own character illustrations.
The children also enjoyed stories read to them by various adults in the school as well as a professional story teller, Casandra Wye.