Year Groups: Year 2

‘At WASPS we love going outside to learn.’

— Class 1SM

We the Curious

The Year 2 classes went on their trips to We the Curious in Bristol. They saw the SS Great Britain on their journey through Bristol. At We the Curious, the children went on a 3D Space Odyssey at the planetarium and enjoyed exploring all of the hands-on exhibits.

New-Born Chicks

Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs Harding who brought in new-born chicks. We learned about life on a poultry farm, got to see the difference between a fertilised egg and an eating egg and stroked the fluffy chicks! We even to see an egg hatching. Thank you to Mrs Harding.


In Year 2 the children have been learning about living things and their habitats. During Wild Wednesday we explored microhabitats within the school grounds and talked about creatures that we might find there. As a result, the children used a range of materials to create their own imaginative and thoughtful microhabitats. They showed super teamwork and ingenuity.

Kelston Roundhill

This term, Year 2 have enjoyed walking up Kelston Roundhill as a part of their Wild Wednesdays. We have been really lucky to have had beautiful weather and parents who have given up their time to join us. We have enjoyed playing some maths games and sketching the view from the top. One child said, “it was really hard walking up the hill but when we got to the top I felt like I was on top of the world”.

Florence Nightingale Day

On Wednesday, Year 2 pupils from Abbot Alphege and WASPS joined together to celebrate their work on Florence Nightingale. Children were invited to dress as a soldier or a nurse from the Crimean War and they looked fantastic in their costumes. Mr Hancock gave the children an informative brief on the events of the Battle of Inkerman before we proceeded outside with flags and cannons. The children split into groups of Russian and Allied troops, each division of relative size to the numbers in the actual battle. The children re-enacted the Battle of Inkerman under the guidance of Mr Hancock and the other teachers and were amazed to see how the vastly outnumbered Allies so skilfully beat the Russians. After that, the nurses set up hospitals showing the conditions before and after Florence Nightingale arrived. The children had been learning about tying bandages and slings in class and were able to tend to the wounded soldiers. The afternoon finished with the children marching back. It was a brilliant day and was enjoyed by all.

Edwardian Day

Year 2 really enjoyed learning about the history of Weston and the schools in the village over the past 200 years. A particular highlight was our Edwardian Day when children and teachers dressed up and experienced life as a school child as it would have been then. We sat in rows in alphabetical order. We chanted our times tables, alphabet and had to stand when an adult came into the room. It was a great way to imagine how children at school in Weston used to learn and we all had fun.

Multi Cultural Week

Last week saw the school hold it’s first Multi Cultural Week. Each class was assigned a country and Year Two were studying: China (2B), Jamaica (2H) and Slovakia (2P).
We learnt so much about these amazing countries and their history and culture, every child was so enthused by this learning. Class 2P even wrote to World Champion Cyclist Peter Sagan of Slovakia to see if he wanted to come and visit us!
The work the children produced is currently on display in the Cafe Hall and soon we hope to invite parents in to see it. In the meantime please ask your child lots of questions about their country, they might surprise you with how much they know about it!


In Class 2P we are currently trying to hatch some chicks out of some eggs generously supplied by Mrs Harding. We are hoping that the eggs will hatch on Monday. All of the classes in school are watching a live feed of the incubator in their classrooms. Mrs Harding very kindly came in to the class and demonstrated how we go about candling eggs to check they have been fertilized and is helping us to keep the incubator working properly.
Click on the picture to see more!

Wild Wednesday- Florence Nightingale- Battle of Inkerman

As part of our outdoor learning we have been learning about Florence Nightingale and combining it with our Design & technology topics. We have been busy sawing, screwing, painting and building different props ready for us to attempt to re-enact the Battle of Inkerman.
So far we have built two stretchers, flags and a huge cannon! We still have more things to make and will be learning how to be just like Florence Nightingale and apply bandages and slings too!
Please click on the image to the left to see some photos and keep your eyes peeled for more as we get closer to the battle!

RUH Thank You Surprise

As part of our ‘History of Weston Village’ topic we have been learning about the importance of the Royal united Hospital to the local area. We soon realised that the hospital is a vital part of the community and at some point we have all known someone who has been helped by the hospital. The children decided they wanted to say “Thank You” to the staff, particularly the Children’s ward, for all they do for us.

Please take a look at the pictures that were taken on the day we took a group of 30 children, ten from each class, to represent Year Two at the RUH and to hand them over to the staff and Big Ted.

We made the biscuits with the help of Hannah Wiltshire, a parent at school who runs her own business. We used the 1,2,3 recipe and created White Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Lemon & Poppy Seed and Chocolate Orange biscuits for the staff.

Every single child in Year Two was involved in baking these and the RUH were very grateful indeed. They have given us a lovely card to say thank you which is hung up in the window of Class 2P.

Outdoor Learning

As part of or outdoor learning we have been visiting Kelston Round Hill and working on a few projects in the year 2 playground. We decided that we wanted to make our playground more colourful and exciting so we have been painting the fences, sanding the benches ready to be varnished and some of our boys even painted a football pitch

Spaghetti Structures

Click on the image to the right to see how we researched and made structures from spaghetti.

Running with Jim Cole

On Thursday Year 2 joined in our whole school run with Jim Cole who is running across America until he has run 20,000 miles! We joined in with him as he came to visit us to tell us all about his run. Please click on the image to enjoy looking through our photos.

Katie Morag Day

As part of our Literature and Arts festival and our current topic, Year Two held a ‘Katie Morag Dress Up Day’ in which you could come dressed as your favourite character from the story. We had every character from the books covered over the three classes, with children and adults getting into costume! Here are some photos of the children from 2P!

Jackson Pollock meets Katie Morag

We decided that we should try and combine modern art with our Katie Morag stories for the Literature and Arts festival and so we created our own Jackson Pollock style piece inspired by the book “Katie Morag and the Wedding”. We have named our own piece “The Wedding Feast” as we were trying to recreate the huge range of colours on show in the illustrations from that part of the book. Click on the image to see some pictures of class 2P enjoying creating it!

Dance Workshops

Over the Literature and Arts festival we have been lucky enough to have some fantastic dance workshops with Debbie Bellinger teaching us some freestyle dance and Joanna teaching us some ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ style ballroom dances too! In Class 2P we have been learning the foxtrot and how to barn dance while in 2C & 2B the children were learning different dances including the Charleston! Click on the image to see more pictures to enjoy!

‘Whoops-a-Daisy Angel’

As you can see we have been rehearsing for our performance of ‘Whoops-a-Daisy Angel’. The songs are sounding lovely and our acting is getting better by the day! We look forward to sharing it with our parents!
Click on the picture to see more images.

Weston Village Topic

As part of our Weston village topic Year 2 this morning went on a walk to identify local landmarks and interesting places. We were able to spot some of the unusual places from the ‘Where in Weston?’ book, too. We stopped at Weston All Saints church and looked back over Weston village trying to spot clues as to what parts of Weston were old and what were new. We went to the Weston War Memorial as we have been learning about this recently, too. Click on the image to see more photographs of our walk.

Isabella from 2P said: “I have never noticed some of these things in Weston”.

Mabel from 2C said: “You can see some buildings are old and some are new because of how they were built and how they look”.

Our Year 2 Trip

On Tuesday year 2 went on their class school trip to Bristol to visit SS Great Britain and Clifton Suspension Bridge or CSB. We were visiting these places because we were learning about Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

We got on the coach at 9.30 which then took us to Bristol. When we got there we had our snack. After we had finished our snack it was time to explore the ship!

First we went onto the weather deck, we saw a bell, cow, pig, chickens, ships wheel, pistons and the ships funnel. The animals were kept for the people on the ship to eat. There wasn’t many smells on the weather deck.

Next we went inside the ship. Our first stop was First Class Dining Saloon, this was for the rich people. On the dining tables there was food that they would have eaten such as, a pig’s head, bread and butter pudding and fruit. Then we went down to the cargo deck. This was where they kept barrels and boxes of cargo. There were horses down there too. Sadly the ship couldn’t sail anymore as it had too many holes in the bottom. From the cargo deck we made our way to where the 3rd class people would have stayed. They stayed in horrible, cramped tiny rooms. The toilets however, were clean on the outside but dirty on the inside. In one room a lady was being sick and there was a rat on her bed! In another room in 3rd class a baby boy had been born, his name was John Gray Britain Donaldson. First class passengers got to stay in much nicer and bigger rooms. Near the entrance there was the ships kitchen where they made the food. There were smells of raw meat, beef and chicken. This was the last stop before we got off the ship.

We then went down to see the bottom of the ship from the outside. We saw the propellers that would have powered the ship. They were massive.

Finally our last thing to see was the museum. There was a film playing on the T.V. showing the ship being brought back to Bristol in 1970. We got given some leaflets that we had to stamp, we had to find these around the museum.

It was time to get back on the coach to go and have lunch. We arrived at a lovely park. After getting off the coach we all sat down in the beautiful sunshine to enjoy our lunch. In my lunch I had a ham and cheese sandwich, some fruit and some fruit cake it was all very yummy. While we were sat there Mrs Badger told us some facts about the SS Great Britain. The park where we had lunch was next to the Clifton Suspension Bridge which was where we were going next.

Making sure everyone was ready and had their bags we headed for the bridge. It was very high and we were all just about to walk over it! While we walked over the bridge you could see for miles.

Some of us were a little scared of walking over because it was so high but we all made it without getting too upset. The bridge was very well made and looked brilliant. The bridge was built in 1864 by Brunel. Brunel died in his 50’s.

We walked back to the park where we had eaten our lunch and everyone had a play in the park for half an hour. Mrs Badger took pictures of the children while they played. Soon it was time to leave and the coach came to pick us up. We started our journey back to school. Some of us were very tired by this point. We went past Temple Meads train station in Bristol on the way home. When we got back to school our parents were waiting for us. It had been a tiring but smashing day!

I really enjoyed my school trip. I learnt about the things that happened on the SS Great Britain and when it got brought back to Bristol. Also I thought the ship was very smart and would have liked to have been a first class passenger because their rooms were much nicer and fancy and they would have eaten the best food. My best part of the day was going on to the ship and travelling on the coach.

By Joseph Class 2B

Year 2 Drama workshop 17th March 2013

Today we were very lucky to take part in a drama workshop with a nice lady called Catherine. We did the drama in the Key Stage 2 hall.

First we did some warm ups. The first warm up was when we went around the hall shaking each others hands and imagining that their hands were sticky and we were complaining about how sticky they were. The second warm up was a one with a spot where we needed to stand in a circle, and then we pretended that the spot had taken our favourite toy and we told spot off. The colour of the spot was bright orange. Then we told the spot our secrets and after that the bright orange spot jumped up to the ceiling. Next we asked the spot to come down again and he did it.

The first piece of drama was when we pretended that we were in a boat and telling each other about what we could see on the lake and suddenly some holes appeared in the boat and we tried to fix the holes but it didn’t work we started to sink but it was good that someone was standing next to the lake. Then we started shouting help all the time. Our second drama activity was about the start of the great fire of London that was in a bakery. I was some fire; the next piece of drama was about a campsite where a tent caught fire. There were children collecting wood, making breakfast and some children being the lazy people, I was one of the lazy people; my favourite piece of drama was the activity where I was some fire in the bakery. My least favourite part was none of it. We learnt to perform and to do expression on out faces when we perform doing drama.

Olivia Class 2B

The Great Fire of London