Year Groups: Year 3

‘WASPS is special because we work together respecting each other.’

— Class 2B

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3T began their science and outdoor learning for this term by working with shadows during Muddy Mondays. We tried to spell words by using our bodies to create shadows. Can you work out what we are spelling?

Nature Reserve

Year 3 have been continuing their hard work maintaining the Nature Reserve – setting up a pond, clearing weeds and tidying up. Along side this they have been learning about compasses to link with their science topic on magnets and decorating some vegetable growing tubs. Lots of hard work and learning!

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Science Week

Year 3 have really enjoyed Science Week! We’ve done lots of experiments and made plenty of predictions along the way. We’ve learnt about forces, solids and liquids, optical illusions and surface tension.

Edwardian Day

Year 3 have had a fantastic week learning about the history of Weston and it’s schools over the past 200 years. A particular highlight was our Edwardian Day when children and teachers dressed up and experienced life as a school child in the olden days. We sat in rows and in alphabetical order, wrote lines and had lots of fun. It was a great way to imagine how children at school in Weston used to learn.

Extreme Reading

Year 3 took their reading to the extreme during Book Week. They found interesting places and positions for reading outside. The blustery weather only made it more extreme!

Muddy Monday

Year 3 had a fantastic Muddy Monday this week. We walked up to Primrose Wood and helped the trustees of the wood to plant bluebell bulbs. We worked together to dig holes the right depth and made sure the bulbs were the correct way up! Hopefully we’ll be able to go back in spring and see the results of our hard work!

A Visit from a Dentist!

As part of our learning on healthy eating and teeth, Year 3 were lucky enough to have a visit from a real life dentist! Dr. Sitkiewitz came in on Friday morning, along with his assistants, and taught us all about how to look after our teeth.

Muddy Mondays

During our Muddy Monday sessions we have been taking our science learning outside. We have been recreating the human digestive system and acting out how it separates fats and carbohydrates. First we drew a huge human body on the playground, then we got into coloured groups for the food groups and then we travelled through the body!

Multi Cultural Week

Y3 really enjoyed learning about different countries for Multicultural Week, 3T learning about Senegal, 3W about South Africa and 3G about the United Arab Emirates. This involved making Senegalese wooden masks, finding out about the life of Nelson Mandela, and learning all about the amazing transformation of the U.A.E., imagining what they would do if they got the chance to go there.

After another busy Muddy Monday the wetland ponds are filled with water and have even been visited by some frogs! We also put the bird boxes we made up in some trees and very excitingly we saw a blue tit checking one of them out this morning! Hopefully we’ll have a nest being built soon…

Muddy Mondays

It was an exciting return to Muddy Monday this week as some of the snowdrop bulbs we planted before Christmas have now emerged. We marked out a path through the reserve so that the do not get stamped on. Meanwhile, work on the ‘wetlands’ section of the reserve made good progress with many of the small ponds now being in place.

Roman Baths Trip

Year 3 had a great day out at the Roman Baths. We learnt about how the Romans used the baths and got clean in very different ways from us. It was a great chance to learn about the Romans and explore our city’s heritage.

Rodney the Stable Rat

A huge congratulations to all of the children for their fantastic performance of this year’s nativity, ‘Rodney The Stable Rat’ on Monday. They had all worked incredibly hard and deserved every clap and cheer that they received for their fabulous singing, dancing and acting. Thanks to all adults for their support in rehearsing lines, costume making and audience participation.

Muddy Mondays

Year 3’s Muddy Mondays are now in full swing and on Monday 19th September the session took an extra exciting turn of events. During the clearing of our nature reserve a huge fossil was uncovered.
“We were delighted when we found it was a fossil!” said Dylan and Adam from 3T.
Year 3 hope to display the fossil in the visitor’s centre for their nature reserve, in the mean time it can be seen in class 3T.

Celtic Day

We have had our Celtic Day and it was a fantastic, fun and learning filled day.
First we drew cave paintings of animals, then we measure the perimeter of a Celtic camp that was found in the playground.
In the afternoon we made Celtic knots, dyed fabric with natural colours like beetroot and turmeric and finally we learnt a Celtic Warrior dance. As you can see from the photos [click on the photo to see more] and video, we all had a great time!

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Following the success of our Year 3 class assemblies we are now well underway rehearsing for our Christmas play, ‘The Bossy Fairies’.
Lines are being learnt, songs are being sung, dances are being choreographed and costumes are being made. It is certainly a busy time!


In computing we have been learning how to design and code animations using Scratch.
Here is an example of what we created.

Julius Caesar Video

As part of our Roman topic we have been learning about ‘Julius Caesar’ by William Shakespeare.
We wrote our own version of the script, made puppets and then filmed the play using our green screen.
Here is the finished movie, we hope you enjoy it.

Successful Bake Sale

Congratulations to Clarrie and her friends who organised a hugely successful bake sale.
Clarrie wrote to Mrs. Bull to inform her that “…today we have raised a total of £53.90 by baking and selling cakes. We are giving £33.90 to Comic Relief and £20 to Race for Life.”
Well done to all who were involved!

Road Safety.

As part of Road Safety Week we used our computing skills to create road safety animations. Here is one of the many wonderful animations that were made in Year 3.

Four Seasons and Poppies

In the Autumn Term KS2 children painted some new screens for the hall. The fabric paintings of the four seasons depict different trees that are significant to the school.

SPRING – Cherry TreeSUMMER – Willow TreeAUTUMN – Horse Chestnut TreeWINTER – Holly Tree

During October and November children and Staff have made 200+ ceramic, felt, knitted and crochet poppies. Inspired by the instillation at The Tower of London children in every class have made, glazed and planted poppies. Most of the poppies have been planted around the horse chestnut tree opposite the school entrance others are displayed inside the school. In the following months different flowers will be added to the instillation transforming it from a poppy field into a meadow of flowers.

Year 3 Bush Camp

Here are the photos of our Year 3 camp which took place on the 19th and 20th of June. You will see the children had a great experience and were fully involved in a wide range of activities which included; putting up their tents and then camouflaging them, playing team games, toasting marsh mallows and singing songs around the campfire, making fire with flint and steel, making and cooking bread on a stick, making lanterns, building bridges and forming human marble runs to transport a marble across the field. After a lunch eaten in traditional camp form on our knees outside, we then de-camped and finally played a range of team games culminating with a very impressive water rocket contest.


In 3E our class value is ‘creation’. After using our bibles (recently presented to us by Weston All Saints Church) to read the story of creation in Genesis we then discussed the beauty of God’s creation, our enjoyment of it and how God gave us the job of looking after it. Next we wrote some prayers which we have typed up and edited in our computing lessons to make a class prayer book. A few examples are included here.

Book Week

Kev Sutherland, comic strip creator of comics such as Beano, spent all of Wednesday 23rd Oct working with Year 3 pupils. His high energy, witty and enthusiastic teaching kept all entertained and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.

By the end of the day each class had produced their very own class comic with their very own caricatures included at the back.