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‘WASPS: Lessons are so fun it’ll make you want to learn. Expressive, creative and always willing to work. Express yourself through art. Imaginative, creative, committed WASPS! Buzzing about all day!’

— Class 6L

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Isle of White Residential – June 2019

Dementia Awareness – 5G Say Hello to Some New Friends!

5G have been having a fabulous time getting to know the residents at Oakfield Care Home. As part of the Archie Project, 5G have been visiting Woodland Grove and Oakfield care homes every Wednesday to meet and talk to the residents.
Here are just a few pictures of us smiling and making new friends!


James, 5L, has produced an outstanding Georgian costume design as well as some fun and informative Top Trumps about the four King Georges of the Georgian era. Keep up the good work!

Bath Abbey Concert on 12th June

Click here for the words for children performing in the Bath Abbey Concert on 12th June. Please could every effort be made for these words to be memorised by the end of half term. Many thanks!

Maths Challenge

Last week Hayden (5L), Dylan (5T), Rhiannon (5G) and Lydia (5G) represented WASPS at the Year 5 Maths Challenge at the Paragon School.

They competed in pairs against pupils from schools across Bath on a series of maths and problem solving puzzles. Although we didn’t win this time, all pupils worked extremely hard and enjoyed the challenge. Well done!

Swallows and Amazons

Inspired by the children’s classic Swallows and Amazons 5L and 5T built our own boats out of scrap materials, then spent our Muddy Monday afternoon racing them down the stream at Broadmoor Lane. We all had a great time and enjoyed the challenge. Congratulations to 5L winners, Kacey and Mo, and Jasmine and Sara, 5T champions!
Click on the image to see more pictures!

Year 5 have been working hard on producing some fantastic poems all about their pets for the PDSA Poetry Competition, in the hope of winning some prizes for our school. Here are some of our amazing entries!

Children’s University

Our Year 5 Children’s University students have been working hard on projects outside of school hours to gain credits towards their awards. Here is a diary entry from a ship’s doctor during the Battle of Trafalgar, and a letter from a British soldier during the Battle of Waterloo, both written by Erin, 5T. Watch this space for more of our pupils’ fantastic work…

Outdoor Learning

Year 5 have been lucky enough to work with Dan and Jodie at Clevehill Scouts as part of our outdoor learning. We’ve learnt how to communicate using Morse code and semaphore, used 6 figure grid referencing and ‘what three words’ to identify locations, learnt how to navigate using a compass and, in our final week, made and cooked on our own fires. We have learnt so much and had a fantastic time!

Science Week

Year 5 have had a fantastic Science week. We experimented with hydrophobic pepper, surface tension so strong it kept water in an upturned glass, the separation of oil and water, acidic salt and vinegar cleaning the copper oxide from coins, and compressed air molecules making a flimsy plastic straw so strong it went through a potato! We enjoyed ourselves, learnt a lot and would love to keep experimenting in class and at home.

Properties of Materials

Last term in 5G, we explored different properties of materials and designed our own fast-food takeaway containers. We attempted to make them strong, as well as effective insulators. This week we tested their reliability and measured how successful they were.
Here are a few of our designs….

Persuasive Writing

Last week we spent a morning honing our descriptive and persuasive writing techniques at Oldfield School, with a superhero twist! We all worked hard and had a great time; thanks to the teachers and pupils who organised such a fun and productive morning.

Great Fire of London

Last week Y5 had created our very own Great Fire of London. Unfortunately our ‘firebreak’ wasn’t quite big enough and our fire crossed it, burning down our London in its entirety. Luckily the real thing was a bit more successful! Despite the failure of our ‘firebreak’, we found the experience extremely fun and certainly one we will remember.

WASPS Anniversary!

Year 5 had a fantastic week celebrating WASPS’ 200 Year Anniversary this week! We created timelines of our school’s history, examined the school’s old log books and learnt about significant historical events such as the Moon Landing and the Hippie Movement. We even held a protest march protesting against the Vietnam War. Check out how colourful we look!

Pop-Up Books

During book week Year 5 wrote our own stories in the style of Ancient Greek myths, and made them into fantastic pop-up books.

We then read them to Year 1, and we think they enjoyed them! Have a look at some pictures of us sharing our stories…

Book Week in Year 5

On the 16th October, Year 5 started a week of celebrating books! We had a week filled with exciting activities such as writing our own Greek myths, designing pop-up books, writing blurbs, discovering various techniques to inspire us AND we were visited by 3 inspirational writers (not to mention our beloved bed time story evening too)!

We had a creative writing workshop with Debi Evans (author of The Secret Adventures of Rolo) who shared some writing tips with us and unlocked our imaginations.

Peter Turner (a children’s narrator) shared some of his favourite stories with us in the library. We were hooked! Peter shared his experiences of picking up accents and the importance of intonation in our voices when reading.

Towards the end of the week, Rachel Bown (a triathlete and author of her own autobiography, ‘A Butterfly Within’) told us of her journey that inspired her to write. We learnt how stories don’t necessarily have to be fantasy and how our feelings can make a good read too.

Our bed time stories were, as always, cosy and fun with hot chocolate and some of the teachers’ favourite books!

Archie Project

5L have made a fantastic start to the Archie Project, making friends with elderly people at local care homes Oakfield and Woodland Grove. All pupils have demonstrated fantastic social skills, and the elderly residents are delighted to see them each week, as you can see from these photos!

Isle of Wight


Swallows and Amazons

This term Year 5 studied the classic book Swallows and Amazons. We wrote comic strips and wrote newspaper reports as well as making our own replica sailing boats. We had lots of fun racing them on the stream near the school. Click on the image to see more pictures that show us in action!

Maths Challenge

Emily, Sophie, Patrick and James took part in the annual Year 5 Maths Challenge at the Paragon School on Monday, where they competed in pairs against schools from across Bath. WASPS finished 7th of 32 schools and, most importantly, pupils had a great time and demonstrated excellent perseverance and resilience. Patrick said, “It was really fun to do something different, and to get our brains working on a lots of different puzzling activities. I liked the tangram puzzles best. I think James and I were a good team!”

Wild Wednesdays

Our Wild Wednesday ventures continue with 5L completing their final session with the Clevehill Scouts this week. We’ve had a great time, with highlights including learning to use a compass, learning about six figure grid referencing and, best of all, learning to make fires. We even managed to cook some delicious bread!

Times Tables Challenge

On Monday pupils across Upper WASPS took part in our NSPCC Sponsored Challenge Times Table Challenge. Pupils enjoyed a variety of activities aimed at honing their times tables skills, and they impressed us with their enthusiasm and focus. Special congratulations to Hayley, Emily and Harley who were Y5’s top scoring times table champions!

Archie Project

5L had their final Archie Project visit to Oakfield Care Home today. Some great friendships have been formed between pupils and residents over the past few months, and we will miss our weekly visits! 5R look forward to carrying on the project and meeting all of our new friends after Christmas.

“I like to see the children because it reminds me of my own children”

“They are always very talkative and friendly”

“It gives me contact with the outside world. I’ve had some interesting discussions with them and was surprised by their knowledge”

“I enjoy the children’s visits to my room when I don’t feel right enough to go downstairs”

Activities Coordinator
“The residents adore the visits from the school children, one resident asks frequently when they are next coming to us, for some it is the highlight of their fortnight. Without the children’s visit the majority would have no interaction with children and I notice how uplifted and engaged they are whilst in their company.
A couple of the residents have developed beautiful relationships with them and two lovely children have visited one of our ladies with their Mother. If the children stopped visiting us we would feel lonely!”

“They are so young but to be interested in us old people is marvellous. They are such nice boys, I was surprised and pleased to have Harry and Tom visit, me being an oldie. Their gesture of beautiful flowers makes me feel like I’ve not been tossed aside. It’s very good indeed.”

“I really enjoyed them, they are well mannered, I hope they keep coming.”

Ancient Greek Comic Strips

This term we have been studying the Ancient Greeks. We have loved hearing about some exciting Greek myths. Our favourite myth was one about Theseus and how he solved the problem of a hungry Minotaur. We wrote our own comic strips with illustrations, short narrative and exciting language.
We then got to read our own comics to a year 2 class (obviously we left out the gruesome bits!)

Wild Wednesdays

Our Wild Wednesdays have been rammed full of exciting adventures at Cleeve Hill. We have been working with the scouts, learning about navigation, coordinates and communications through Morse code and semaphore. We finished our series of outdoor learning at Cleeve Hill with fire lighting and making dampers over the fire.

Harry Potter Writing Workshop

We recently took part in a writing workshop at Oldfield School. The theme was Harry Potter and we got to make our own wand! We described how we would like it to look and even wrote a descriptive advertisement to sell it.

Holst’s Planets Suite

In Music this term we have been complementing our learning in Science by studying the music from Gustav Holst’s “Planets Suite”. As part of this we have been creating pastiche compositions based on each of Holst’s planet movements. Here is a recording of our class composition of ‘Venus – The Bringer of Peace’ which featured the whole class playing a variety of keyboards, guitars, ukuleles, glockenspiels and untuned percussion. The chords are Holst’s but the melody was composed by the class and is based on the notes of the Dorian mode’

Click to download and listen to recordings of our work:

5L – Venus5R – Venus

Woodland Care Home Visit

Last Wednesday 5L had our first visit to Woodland Grove Care Home. We enjoyed listening to the stories the older people had to share, whilst sharing with them what we have learnt in class. We are looking forward to seeing them again over the next few weeks.


Rocket Science Year 5

Year 5 are very excited to be part of a national science experiment being carried out in conjunction with British astronaut Tim Peake and The Royal Horticultural Society,
In 2015 1000s of rocket seeds were sent into space and spent 6 months on the international space station. These seeds were then returned to earth and have been distributed to schools in order to perform an experiment to study the effect of micro-gravity on plant seeds.
On Tuesday 5th May 5CP received their seeds and planted 200 individual rocket seeds (100 of which have been to space and 100 of which remained on earth). Year 5 will be conducting a series of observations as the seeds grow over the next 6 weeks. We will then compare the results with rocket seeds being grown in all classes across WASPS. We will then be able to describe any effect the 6 months of orbiting the Earth has had on the seeds growth.

Ancient Greek Comic Strips

This term we have been studying the myths of Ancient Greece. One of our favourites was about Theseus and The Minotaur. We decided that we would write this myth in the style of a comic strip then shared them with the Year 2 classes.

Earth, Moon and Stars

Our Science topic this term was Earth, Moon and Stars. We created our own chalk drawings of the phases of the moon.
In our literacy lessons we looked at writing explanatory texts. We wrote the sequential steps that form the phases of the moon. An example of this is below.

WASPS Gym Success

WASPS were crowned West of England Level 2 year 5/6 Gymnastic championships at the Sainsbury’s school games.

Competing against eight other regional winners WASPS were victorious with a winning margin of 0.2 points!!

All five children completed a set floor routine and two vaults to a very high standard.

Lego Robotics

On the 9th of June, 9 Year 5 pupils spent an exciting day at Ralph Allen School learning and practising Lego Robotics. We spent the morning learning how to programme the robot to perform various tasks, and then in the afternoon we used our new skills to complete various missions in teams. We had a brilliant time and learnt loads!

Ella, Jake and Leyla were awarded an amazing Lego Cup for ‘Determination and Commitment’, which we think is a great demonstration of 5G’s Christian value of Endurance. We didn’t know how much fun programming could be before but now we can’t wait to do more!

Message from 5L’s Justice Makers:

In 5L we have been enjoying putting our class Christian value into practice by acting as ‘Justice Makers’ for Year 0 and 1. Every Wednesday break time we help them to play fairly with one another. We really enjoy it, and think that they do too!

A message from Joshua and Oskar, 5L:

On Monday 11th May an excited 5L embarked on a vigorous 2.7 mile walk to the Holburne museum. After an informative introduction we explored the galleries; there were lots of interesting pieces to examine with activities to complete along the way. Finally, we reached the Take One Vase that we had been learning all about. It was amazing to see it for real – it was a lot smaller than a lot of us guessed! The visit culminated with us creating our very own Wedgwood-inspired artwork. We made gift bags, like those that may have been used in Josiah Wedgwood’s shop in Bath. We particularly enjoyed using repeated printing to create Greek key patterns. Here are some pictures of us decorating our Wedgwood-style bags:

Harry Potter-Inspired Mystic Potion-Making Afternoon!

On the 27th of January year five took part in a Harry Potter-inspired mystic potion-making afternoon led by the science team at Oldfield School. The children experienced some extreme experiments and concocted some of their own potions with all sorts of beastly ingredients. Here are some pictures to show you that even though the potions were ghastly the children enjoyed working in a purpose built laboratory. Click on the image to see a gallery of pictures!

Our Sports Afternoon at Oldfied School

Here are some pictures form 5G’s recent trip to Oldfield School’s beautiful sports centre. After a brisk walk up the hill the children in 5G had the opportunity to play a range of sports and activities. The year 10 sports leaders were able to experience leading a session with real life children which will help them achieve their sports leadership award. The competitive nature of our children was perfectly harnessed to provide an excellent afternoon of sport.

An Exciting Day of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

On the 6th of March, 24 Year 5 pupils visited Hayesfield School for an exciting day of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Pupils used their creative and practical skills to complete two design and manufacturing projects which they were able to take home with them at the end of the day. One of their projects was to make and test a bobsleigh, and pupils worked in teams to ensure their bobsleighs were as aerodynamic as possible. All pupils had a fantastic day, and we are pleased to say that we now have some budding engineers in Year 5!

Primary Maths Challenge

On Tuesday 3rd March four of our Y5 pupils attended the Y5 Primary Maths Challenge at The Paragon School in Bath. Polly, Oliver, William and Imogen competed in pairs against around 120 Y5 pupils from private and state schools across Bath. There were a variety of challenging activities, which included both geometric and numeric problems to solve. All four pupils enjoyed the event enormously, and Imogen and William were particularly pleased as they came runners-up! We would like to congratulate them on this fantastic achievement.

5L Parent Questionnaire Responses
Number of responses: 17

Statement Percentage of YES responsesWASPS is well led by Mrs Bull and the staff.100WASPS children are taught to be considerate and respectful of others, knowing the difference between right and wrong.100In general my child is taught well at WASPS and I am happy with the progress he / she is making.100Following this class assembly, I now know what my child’s Christian class value is. I agree that the school promotes Christian values well.100My child feels safe at WASPS.100

Additional comments:

“As a grandmother I think the school is excellent- caring and friendly.”
“I am always impressed by how the teaching themes are woven so skilfully into creative themes. My children LOVE doing class assemblies and are all very, very happy at the school. Many thanks.”
“Brilliant. Really pleased with how my children are doing at WASPS. Many thanks.”
“Excellent assembly. ALL children confident and strong. Quality work evident.”
“Pleased to see the links with the church being used.”
“A highly impressive assembly, focusing on the children’s creativity, development and bringing out their innate qualities. I was highly impressed by Miss Lowe.”
“I think they are all fortunate to go to WASPS.”
“The assembly gave a great overview of the topics covered so far this year. Very informative and enjoyable.”

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Year 5 Prayers