Year Groups: Year 6

‘WASPS is special because everybody is friendly and helpful. We have fun whilst we learn and there is always lots to do.’

— Class 1S

Trip to France – Summer 2019

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Bath Abbey Concert on 12th June

Click here for the words for children performing in the Bath Abbey Concert on 12th June. Please could every effort be made for these words to be memorised by the end of half term. Many thanks!

Maths Challenge

This week, Y6 pupils Lucy, Megan, Rupert and Arthur took part in the annual Year 6 Maths Challenge at Monkton Combe School, competing against pairs of pupils from schools around Bath in a series of mathematical problem solving activities. All pupils worked very hard and enjoyed the challenge. Particular congratulations goes to Megan and Lucy, who earned 3rd place out of 39 teams. Well done girls!

Forest Friday

“On Forest Friday in 6S, we have been designing tyre playgrounds. We have come up with lots of different designs. It’s lots of fun and when you’re digging you get muddy, which is even more fun!” – Harley, 6S

“I have really enjoyed Forest Friday so far. It has been so much fun making ‘bug homes’ and learning about all the different wild animals around the school grounds. I really enjoy having some time outside at the end of the week.” – Clarrie, 6W

“In Forest Friday we are painting murals on the sheds in the playground, making them colourful and putting our own designs on them. It’s really fun!” – Isabel, 6LM

Year 6 Early Summer Pond Dipping

All children in year 6 enjoyed pond dipping with top finds including: Emperor dragonfly nymphs, whirligig beetles, frogs, sticklebacks and pond skaters.

Let’s see what we find in the late summer.

Times Tables Challenge

On Monday pupils across Upper WASPS took part in our NSPCC Sponsored Challenge Times Table Challenge. Pupils enjoyed a variety of activities aimed at honing their times tables skills, and they impressed us with their enthusiasm and focus. Special congratulations to Sara and Mia who were Y6’s top scoring times table champions!

Ballroom Dancing

Pupils from 6S did ballroom dancing, when parents came in to watch.


As part of our recent week-long focus on literature we were extremely fortunate to welcome back children’s writer, and author of the Frog series, Joffre White. He led two engaging and inspirational creative writing workshops for Year 6 encouraging the children to free their imaginations and harness simple techniques to write their own stories. Well done to Lauren, Dominika, Jazz and Freddie for their superb compositions which were chosen to represent WASPS on Joffre’s website at

World War 2 Day

Firstly we came in and did some work on a poem about The Jumblies. These were people with blue hands and green heads. Four of these creatures wanted to sail out to sea on a sieve. We had to answer questions about this text. The boys then had to do PT and the girls needlework. PT is when you do conditioning, marching and jogging around the playground. At playtime we got to play with hoops, marbles and skipping ropes. It was very enjoyable.

By Saud and Ollie

Coming to School Prepared
We came to school having prepared to be evacuated (as children in WW2 would have done). We each had a gas mask box, a name tag and a suitcase with a few personal items in, such as; a letter, a family photograph or drawing, some clothes and a teddy bear.

WW2 Classrooms
We experienced lessons and school as children in WW2 did. We said The Lord’s Prayer as a class and experienced certain punishments the children would have normally faced; such as the cane and the dunce hat!WW2 Games
At break and lunch time we explored the typical games children would have played; including conkers, marbles, wooden hoops and skipping ropes.

The Nit Nurse!
The nit nurse came and checked our hair for head lice. Separate Lessons for Girls and Boys
We were split into boys and girls and took part in gender specific lessons; the girls undertook needle work in order to be able to ‘make do and mend’ and the boys performed drills to build stamina and strength.

Anderson Shelter
We experienced an air raid and had to take shelter in the Anderson Shelter where we sang songs to lift our spirits and had a special toffee sweet. Some of us also got to eat our war time lunch in the Anderson Shelter!

We then took a short walk to a local church where evacuee parents came and selected us. Some wanted boys or girls and others wanted strong children or clean children. Evacuee Parents
After our names had been recorded we got to have squash and biscuits with our evacuee parents and find out the type of home and place we were being evacuated too. Some evacuee parents were very strict and others were friendly and welcoming. Some children did not want to come back!


We have had a fantastic residential visit to France again this year. Fifty three intrepid travellers from Year 6 visited Granville and the Normandy coast. We were extremely busy: sailing, walking, shopping, sketching, swimming, reflecting, appreciating, commemorating, discovering, performing – you name it, we did it!

It was dark when we arrived in France and dark when we returned and we very tired but excited to be back in England after such a brilliant trip to Granville.

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Max 6L

WASPS Gym Success

WASPS were crowned West of England Level 2 year 5/6 Gymnastic championships at the Sainsbury’s school games.

Competing against eight other regional winners WASPS were victorious with a winning margin of 0.2 points!!

All five children completed a set floor routine and two vaults to a very high standard.

History Prize Winner

Over the Trench

Robert was a sixteen year old from Millwall. He had only just turned sixteen yesterday. His father was eager for him to follow his older brother’s footsteps – the brother who’d recently been pronounced dead. As Robert was being frantically driven to the front lines, every single thought was how it was going to be in the terrible conditions. He’d heard it was fairly good conditions from the man who signed him up but in his head horrific things such as disease, death and starvation sprung into mind.

After less than a whole week of training, Robert had arrived at the front; he was shivering like a human with no clothes trapped in the arctic. He saw the vast network of trenches; he considered it would be better if they called it an endless maze! He was given a brief talk by a Sergeant who had to emphasize every word in a shout. “You’ll get up at 4am, then we’ll go over at 4:30am and 6pm. BUT – if you hear a whistle being blown five times, you must go over no matter what. 3 rules! Run, don’t look back and kill ‘em”.

Robert laid his so called ‘bed’ on the floor. The mud soaked into it and gunfire was consistently exchanged between the two sides. The rats thrived in these conditions and constantly passed around diseases to the men. Luckily he managed to get some sleep unlike many of his fellow troops.

Robert woke at 4am on the dot and joined the queue. Food was in extremely low supplies. He managed to get a single piece of bread that was infested with lice. Holding on to his nerve, he shoved it into his gargantuan gob. It wasn’t too bad – he thought that the lice gave a good crunch to it all. At four-thirty every man lined up ready for battle – their hearts beat faster, hands shivered as they swallowed fear. Robert didn’t want to die, especially at his age. “Listen up!” yelled the sergeant, “Run into their trench and kill ‘em. Simple isn’t it”. This was practically suicide the men thought. “Now, GO, GO, GO!”

Robert was the sixth to climb and run, but it felt like he was first as the mist coated the land. Nothing was to be seen, so he ran. Guns fired from either side into nothing but mist. Robert began to call for others; he got onto his hands and knees. The mist was almost summoned away by the gunfire. He could see that he was only 50 yards from the Jerries. Yells came from other men as they were shot, introducing the Germans. He sat down under cover by a tree where he lay terrified as he imagined his death. With ruthless courage he rose from the ground and charged into their trench. He was accompanied by another man. They leapt into action. Robert killed three men in a minute and continued doing so. Finally, face to face with a German, he shot first. But Robert had run out of ammunition; the other man with him had only one shot. Robert was summoned to the ground as the bullet went straight through his pounding heart.

Dead on the floor. No more noise was heard by Robert. No more gunfire or disease. Less than a day at the trenches had proved to be too much for him, like it had for many others. The upside was that now he had eternal peace.
Two weeks later the war ended. If only he hadn’t signed up but that was not to be. His mother was in sorrow for she had lost both her sons to the war. Just like many others.

By Charlie



It’s like rain.
Rain without the part where you get wet.
Rain that is a solid instead of a liquid.
Rain that you can grip until it melts in the palm of your hand.
It’s like snow.
Snow that has been shattered into millions
Of tiny little pieces.
Snow that is hard instead of soft.
Snow that bounces off the ground when it reaches the surface and doesn’t end up as a colossal white lump.
It’s like snow.
It’s hail.

Greek God teachers!

Mr Zeus’s class stormed off,
Mr Poseidon’s class surfed away,
Mr Hades class died.
Mr Krono’s class dissolved to Tartus,

Mr Hermes class flew away
Mrs Athen’s class chatted about knowledge
Mr Apollo’s class recited poems,
Mrs Artimis’s looked through telescopes.

Mr Dionysus’s class drank wine,
Mr Hephaestus’s class tinkered with metal,
Mr Prometheus’s class played with fire,
Mr Oceanus’s class waved live eels about,

Mr Pan’s class grew tree nymphs,
Mr Kros’s class glided away,
Mr Typhons class simperly smashed everything.

By Harry

Year 6 Writing

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The Great Garden EscapeIn the Staff RoomSummer LakeWhat I Saw on the Lake by Aidenby Davey and Tomby Sienna and Lizzieby Pablo